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Exterior Apartment Paint and Stain

Top 10 reasons to paint conventional and market rate apartments this spring

  1. Preserve your asset: Painting extends the life of your siding and trim.
  2. Curb appeal: Be the first in your area to revive your look.
  3. Tenant retention: Show them you care about their home.
  4. Tenant pride: They are more likely to keep a freshly painted building clean.
  5. Reposition property: Change your colors and cause a stir
  6. Create an identity: Painting your recently acquired property shows new management.
  7. Class: A freshly painted apartment building gives a sense of value to perspective renters.
  8. Scheduling: Book early to save a spot for your project
  9. Keep it looking new.
  10. Quick sale: A recently painted property will sell faster and add value for a refinance.

Affordable housing:

We are familiar with Rural Developments (RD) standards and have worked with OHCS and Prevailing Wage (Davis Bacon) paper work and requirements.


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