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Townhome and Condominium Painting Services

Investment Property:

Is your Townhome or Condominium used for long term or short term rental?  Many of our customer's homes are investment real-estate with short and long term renters.  We see this regularly and are prepared to deal with the varying needs and expectations.  Satisfied tenants and clients are a must for all parties involved.

Home Owners Associations:

We work with numerous HOA's to provide quality service and products they can afford.  After meeting with the HOA representative, we can provide a budget estimate in advance, specific to your neighborhood's needs.  A typical project includes working with numerous homeowners with varying needs.  We are prepared to handle this with frequent communications to the homeowners representative.

Property Management:

Are you tired of dealing with contractors that are flaky, provide inconsistent quality/pricing, and are hard to manage?  Previously having a career in Property Management, I found it frustrating having to "babysit" professionals that were paid to do a job.  At Townhouse Painters Bend we strive to do things differently.  Punctuality, efficiency, courtesy, and value are all in a days work.  Simply put; "just hire us and we'll call you when we are done".  It really should be that easy!


Townhomes and


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Multi-family housing


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Staining Services

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